Five reasons why your spark plug is changing (or not changing) colour

NGK-BlogHave you noticed something odd about your vehicle’s spark plug? Perhaps it has changed its colour. Sometimes the change in colour is not good news, while at other times, it’s very normal.
The colour of your spark plug will tell you a lot about your vehicle’s performance. Reading your spark plugs can provide multiple clues about your engine’s condition and save you money.
Let’s have a look at the different colours of spark plugs when they are undergoing some problems.
No Colour: If there is no colour on your plug, if they do not have a dark brown colour, or if they are not coloured at all, it suggests that the plugs are dead and not firing at all. Because a spark plug which is in working condition will collect some deposit and have a different tone than the original one. Check your fuel and ignition wire.

Black:If you notice any blackish build-up on your spark plug, check your engine immediately. It can be an indication of a weak spark plug or an overly rich fuel mixture as a result of it you may notice slow starting of the engine and misfires.
Ashy: If there is any ashy coating on spark plug, it can be because of oil leak into the combustion chamber and the quality of plug is low and not good. It can cause misfire and can affect the performance of your engine too.
Shades of green: A plug can be a little green because of lead content in gasoline which reacts with the components in electrodes and cause corrosion and erosion in the plugs. It indicates that the performance of your engine is not good and also it can be the sign of heavy oxidation
Yellow glaze: If there is any yellowish component on your sparkplug’s electrode and on the tip, it can inhibit conductivity. It can keep the spark from being able to jump the gap. You can easily clean it by cleaner and wipe it with a clean cloth.

These are some colour changes in your spark plugthat can harm your vehicle’s performance. Although a healthy spark plug will always have a bit of electrode erosion on it, but you will never find any abnormal deposits on it of some other colour such as some light tan, gray, or brownish.

Why Do Spark Plugs Get Wet?

NGK-BlogSpark plugs are the basic necessity for every vehicle to start and run smoothly. It is known to determine the efficiency and life of the engine. However, there are times when the spark plugs present in your vehicle tend to show you some signs and indications that actually need a proper and attentive look. However, before actually reading those signals, it is very important to have a basic knowledge of what a spark plug really is.
A spark plug is simply defined as a device that delivers electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark-ignition engine with the purpose of igniting the compressed fuel air/mixture by an electric spark, while containing the pressure of combustion within the engine. Hence, it is the reason why the engine of a vehicle starts smoothly. Thus, now that we know what a spark plug is, we must now come back to the core area of focus. Why does a spark plug get wet? Is it a red alert for your vehicle?
Even though the list of reasons may be long, here are some of the best ones mentioned below:

A. Flooding Of The Engine: The failed vehicle starts to attempt, thus eventually resulting in wet spark plugs. This happens, when the drivers try to start their vehicle quite a number of times without actually succeeding. This may lead to engine flooding, which in turn may soak the plugs so that they are unable to form any sort of spark to start the engine properly. This happens more often in the cold weather conditions, when the spark plugs that have been previously worn or fouled, actually require a higher voltage to properly ignite the engine. In the case mentioned above, the best thing the driver can do about it, is either wait for the plugs to get dry, or remove the spark plugs and clean them off.

B. Leaking Of The Injector: Wet fouling is not very common on the modern fuel-injected engines, but it can happen due to a number of existent as well as non-existent mechanical failures. One such example can be of a leaking cold start injector. This would then lead to the creation of a rich and start up mixture in the engine compartment that would be a major cause for the plugs to foul.

C. Worn Out Rings Of The Piston: In the older vehicle engines, worn out piston rings or the excessive wearing of the cylinder often lead to wet fouling, as stated in many recognized surveys. This could then result in the release of excessive oil or gasoline into the engine compartment, which could normally prevent a spark from forming during an ignition attempt. Wet and fouled spark plugs can be cleaned well and should be re-installed to work better and effectively.

These were some reasons why your spark plug may get wet and fouled but being aware of the fact that these signs are crucial and must be noticed beforehand. If your vehicle is already showing certain symptoms of being damaged or even distorted, it is then high time for you to take a check of it thoroughly. When servicing your vehicle, you must make sure that your engine does not make sounds again, or that it starts smooth or even the little intricacies that involve your spark plugs within. When spark plugs are the driving parts that make your vehicle take you to places, you surely should be the one to first notice what is going within it and what the consequences could be if not looked after within a considerable period of time.

Why choose Iridium Spark Plugs

NGK-BlogChoosing the right spark plug can be a really tedious task, as you might not be aware of what suits the best for your engine. There would be a lot of people who are unaware which spark plug they should choose for their engines. In such case, you can go for Iridium spark plugs as they provide a lot of benefits to the engine as well as to your vehicle’s performance.

Going with an iridium spark plug instead of a traditional one can benefit you with a better performance of your car. For the people who are keen to keep their car up-to-date prefers using iridium spark plugs, which offers them better performance and efficiency. The main function of a spark plug is to instigate air blend and fuel inside the combustion cavity of the engine. The electrical energy needs way to flow from the ignition coil to create the spark which will then ignite the blend of fuel and air. For this spark to happen there should be enough electric voltage preset in the spark plug area.

There are times when all when the conservative spark plugs fail to generate the amount of voltage that is required by the engine. In the case of iridium spark plug, it is connected to the ignition coil through a cable. This cable which is connected with the ignition coil must always be of high quality to ensure best performance of the engine. With time, as your spark plug grows older, its sharp edged get eroded. To avoid this, you must install an Iridium spark plug, which ensures better performance and enhances the efficiency, restoring the ignition. This plug is designed in such a way that it can even use the last drop of fuel.

Iridium spark plugs are tending to be used more as they have several advantages as compared to the other forms of spark plugs. They are designed in such a unique way which gives a better performance to the consumers. One can enjoy its advantages when one starts to use them.

Here are some advantages which a user will enjoy from iridium spark plug:

  1. Long life span: Every customer wants that their spark plug must last longer, that they don’t have to hustle in short time span to change it. If you want to drive hassle-free, without the worries of getting your spark plug change at small intervals, then you must go for iridium spark plugs. It is estimated that iridium spark plugs lasts for at least 40,000 miles and can go up to 60,000-80,000 miles as well based on the vehicle driving conditions & its service on scheduled time.With such life span, an iridium spark plug is worth investing for.
  2. Best performance: Its fine tip center electrode helps to increase the growth of flame core which in turn offers quick start, faster acceleration, best pickup & power and the most importantly it helps to improve the fuel economy.
  3. Less Voltage Needed: Iridium spark plug has a tiny electrode in the center which required less voltage to generate the current. With less usage you save more on power. This provides the users an unmatched experience and uplifts the performance of the vehicle.



How to maintain a spark plug

NGK-BlogSpark plugs are an important component which makes sure that your vehicle is running smoothly. There are times when you might face some problems due to worn-out spark plugs. But sometimes replacing them might not be the best idea. To make sure your spark plugs don’t wear out very fast, you must maintain your spark plugs. There are times when people neglect the common symptoms of bad spark plugs, but these shouldn’t be ignored. In order for smooth functioning of your vehicle, you must keep a regular check on your spark plug.
Just like your vehicle goes under regular upkeep and maintenance, your spark plug also needs to go through the same care. Maintaining your spark plug regularly make its functioning efficient. When your spark plug wears out, it also makes a difference in the performance of your engine. This in turn affects your vehicle. It increases the performance of your vehicle and also ensures its smooth functioning.
Here are some of the things with which you can easily maintain your spark plugs:
A. When to replace spark plugs
There are certain symptoms that will make you realize that your spark plugs needs to be changed. According to experts, you must check and/or replace the spark plug of your vehicle every year. This helps in ensuring easy and reliable starting with improve fuel economy.
If you feel the symptoms that occur when your spark plug wears out, you must realize that it is time to get your spark plug replaced.

B. How to check whether your spark is damaged
Whether you get to see the symptoms of a worn out spark plug, you must be sure about it. This will help you give clarity of the actual state of your spark plug. There are some methods that will help you check whether your spark plug is damaged or not, and according to that you can easily take the relevant decision.

How Do Spark Plugs Work?

NGK-BlogWith the love for cars and bikes growing each day among the youth, we all know the roles they play in our lives. Be it the carefree rides with a special someone, or a collective family drive to the hills, they are the enablers for all. But, do we know what keeps these vehicles work smoothly? It is the spark plugs. Now, before we go into the details of its functioning, here is something basic that we must know about it.
A spark plug is basically an electrical device that provides the right ignition to your vehicle for it to start your journey. It fits in the cylindrical head of an internal combustion engine and creates an ignition to the compressed gasoline fuel by the means of a spark or let’s say, an electric spark.
Hence, a spark plug intrinsically comprises of many parts, as mentioned below:
A. The Ribs: The Insulating ribs tend to provide an added protection from flash over and help in improving the holding grip of the rubber spark plug boot on the plug body.

B. The Insulator: The insulator body is to be molded from aluminum oxide ceramic. Which results in giving a component that features an exceptional dielectric strength, high thermal conductivity and resistance from shock.

C. The Hex: The hex or the hexagon, provides the perfect contact point for a socket wrench. The size of the hex is basically uniform and consistent in the

4 Reasons Why You Should Keep Upgrading Your Spark Plugs

NGK-BlogSpark plugs are a necessity for the smooth functioning of any vehicle – be it a car, scooter or even a truck. Before we go on to the details of why is it so important to upgrade the spark plugs of your own vehicle, let us first have a quick revision of what they actually are.
Spark Plugs are commonly defined as a device that delivers an electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of an engine to ignite the fuel/air mixture by an electric spark, while actually containing the combustion pressure within the engine.
So, now that we know what a spark plug is, it is now time to know why it is important to upgrade it, all the time. Apart from the numerous reasons, here are the biggest reasons mentioned below:
A. Reduces The Time Of Maintenance: Changing the plugs on the newer cars can be said to be a difficult task. Limiting the amount of time spent on changing your plugs by exchanging from a copper core plug to a platinum one, can be said to be a wise decision. Upgradation reduces the time for you to take your vehicle to the servicing centers
B. Increase In the Performance Levels: Its fine tip technology helps to keep the spark more concentrated, and its anti-carbon fouling property avoids leakage of voltage, as a result, it translates to a better level of combustion, comparatively lower emissions, a better fuel economy and a lot more horsepower.
C. Reduction of Cost Levels: It is true! Be it buying an upgraded plug, as that does cost a lot more than a basic spark plug. By spending a little more on the upgradation, you tend to be able to extend the changing intervals of your spark plug, a good saving for you on the costly maintenance charges that develop over time.
D. Winters Are Easy: The winter season actually starts the serious decrease for the performance of your car or vehicle and also runs for the risk of spark plug fouling. Upgrading your spark plugs to an iridium fine wire plug will provide for instant starts in the cold weather and help in eliminating the risk of fouling of the plug.
Hence, when now we have the reasons of upgradation of the spark plugs in the vehicle we own, it may have erased all the second thoughts you would have had while thinking of changing them. It is a necessity for us to look after the vehicle we own, with all the care we have within. For some, vehicles represent dreams, for others it may be just a means of transport. For the youth, it may be a reason of developing an unending passion, but for others, it may just be a waste of money. But, in all of the given cases, what we need is that proper care is taken when it comes to upgradation of the spark plug, as it is the main reason why the engine gets the ignition, on the first part. It is because of the spark plug, that the engine present within gets an efficient start. Hence, knowing when to upgrade, is an important factor, alway

How spark plug eliminates engine misfire

NGK-BlogSpark plug is an important part in the process of ignition process. Without proper functioning of spark plug, the engine won’t start and would affect the performance of your engine. They are a necessity for the smooth functioning of any vehicle. They deliver electric current from the ignition system to the combustion chamber which further helps to ignite the air/fuel mixture by creating a spark. When a spark plug fails to ignite or misfires, your vehicle will start to malfunction. The main symptom is it won’t start at all.
There are times when your vehicle might face several problems during ignition. Your engine might also face stumbling and following this, a “check engine” light would start to blink. This indicates that your engine is misfiring. There are also circumstances where this misfiring will happen while you’re driving. This in turn will impair your driving ability. Once you start to experience this, you shouldn’t ignore this, as it can later create a problem for you as well as your vehicle.
There can be several causes of misfire- greasy fingerprints, broken insulators, incorrect air gaps, etc. A misfire can also be created when a new spark plug is installed in the vehicle. A spark plug plays a very complex function when it delivers timed spark to the engine. If there is a slight issue in this, the engine would not receive the timed spark.
There are some common symptoms that you might face when your engine is misfiring.
The symptoms of a misfire are easily recognizable to the driver. This is because their vehicles’ engine will start to stumble for a few seconds and later would regain pace. If you face this number of times, then you must understand that it is quite serious. A misfiring of even one spark plug can cause malfunctioning of engine.
Your vehicle may still move, but there would be several activities that would be happening inside the system. You will notice that there is an increase in the vehicle’s exhaust emissions, lack of acceleration and a drastic reduction in the power of your engine.
There are several other symptoms that you might also experience. When you step on the gas pedal and it takes some time for your car to pick up the speed, this also indicates that you have a misfire. In this case, your vehicle will also leave behind cloud of emissions. In this condition, your engine will also require more fuel than it actually needs to operate. This in turn will make you spend a lot of money on it.
One should not take these initial symptoms lightly. If you ignore it at this stage, then this will create a big problem later in the functioning of your car. The worst you’ll have to face in this case is that your car’s engine will completely be ruined and will be unrepaired if you continue to run it with these symptoms. This will result in your car not starting at all.
Fixing the Misfire
Once you get to know that your engine is misfiring, now is the time you need to fix it. The misfire can be sometimes localized to certain parts as well.
The best way to avoid this is to get your spark plugs replaced on time. When your vehicle starts to misfire, the main fault is in your spark plug. There might be dust that is accumulated in the gap of the spark plug or your spark plug might have worn out. Not taking the relevant action may cause severe damage to your engine and to your vehicle’s performance. To cure this, you must get spark plug replacement.

Keep The Right Spark In Your Engine: Part II

NGK-BlogChoosing the right spark plug for your vehicle is not difficult if you don’t fall for the stereotypes and do a complete research on the spark plug specifications your engine require.
While many spark plug manufacturers try to sell a generic spark plug for all types of engines, you shouldn’t fall for this.
This old school thinking severely disregards the modern-day evolution of highly efficient engines. When spark plugs are generic and don’t meet the set standards, there are severe side effects your vehicle must go through:


  1. Heat range: If the spark plug is too cold for the engine, it can cause carbon fouling. Whereas, if it is too hot, it can cause serious pre-ignition issues for the engine
  2. Poor mileage: If the spark plug doesn’t meet the demanded specification, basically if it is a misfit, it won’t produce the right spark to ignite the fuel, leaving a lot of residue oil which will evaporate into thin air along with the money you spent on it.
  3. Misfire: If the spark is small in size, it can cause a misfire due to improper connection leading to serious engine damage.
  4. Seize the vehicle: If the spark plug is not suiting your vehicle, it can very well seize the engine in the middle of a journey due to improper voltage.
  5. Hassled ignition: The most important role a spark plug plays in a vehicle is of providing ignition spark, if the one you installed doesn’t meet the specifications, you are definitely going to get ignition troubles.

Engine manufacturers research and work years to make one perfect engine that is best in every manner. It is tailormade to meet a particular performance criterion. Whether, it is power or mileage, it all depends on the right kind of spark plugs.
Being the largest OEM spark plug supplier in the work, we have worked with several manufacturers hand-in-hand to fulfil the need of a perfect spark plug. In our research we have concluded that, “we need to engineer a spark plug specifically for the individual requirement of one engine type”. As a company, we never compromise on this principle and suggest all our customers too to maintain a perfectly tuned engine by using the right and genuine auto parts.

What Happens When a Spark Plug Goes Bad?


Spark plugs are an important component of internal combustion engines. While every vehicle has its own type of spark plug, their function remains the same – spark plugs transmit electrical signals from the ignition coil creating a spark that ignites the air-fuel mixture.

The best spark plugs burn the fuel efficiently. But when they start wearing out, they start showing some common signs. When this is the case, your car spark plug is pleading you for a replacement.



1.Slow Acceleration: Poor acceleration in vehicles shows a problem in the ignition system. Modern engines can inform the user whether there is any problem with the sensors. But in most cases, the issue is with the spark plug. For instance, a bike spark plug may have its materials worn out which lessens the effectiveness of the spark, therefore affecting the acceleration. So the next time you find your car running sluggishly, you may have a spark plug problem and get it replaced. But get it done by a good mechanic so you could know for sure if other factors have not contributed to the problem.
2.Poor Fuel Economy : A spark plug that is not working will not be able to burn fuel efficiently. That makes the vehicle consume more fuel contributing to a poor fuel economy. In most cases, the gap between the spark plug electrodes is incorrect and needs to be adjusted. If this is the case, then your mechanic will simply adjust the gap to the factory settings. But, in general, if your bike or car has suddenly started to take in more fuel, a worn out spark plug could be the problem.
3.Engine Misfiring : A problem in the ignition system can cause the engine to misfire. In most cases, a sensor malfunction can cause this. But a car spark plug can also cause the misfiring. A spark plug wire or its tip can also cause a misfire when its wire is damaged. This kind of misfiring is usually recognized by some sputtering sounds or stumbling from the engine. If this continues, the exhaust emissions will only increase meanwhile decreasing the engine power. The result is a poor fuel economy.
4.Engine Surging/ Hesitating : Sometimes, the vehicle doesn’t accelerate. If this is the case with you, you will have that sense of the engine disconnected from the driver. Sometimes it will surge and then immediately slow down. When this is happening, the engine is taking in more air. This extra air slows down the combustion process and also affects the power delivery. So if you find that your car is surging and hesitating, it could be a spark plug problem.
5.Rough Idle : In some cases, your idle engine can sound rough. This is a sure shot indication that your spark plug is well compromised. The jittery sound from the engine can even cause the vehicle to vibrate. This is also an indication that there is cylinder misfire.
6.Hard to Start: This last of the problems is a clear sign that your car spark plug is worn and requires changing. The ignition system of an engine is composed of many individual parts. Like any system, they need to work together in order to function properly. If your car doesn’t start immediately, it is a good idea to get your vehicle looked upon by a certified mechanic.
We recommend that you buy the best spark plugs in order to ensure that your vehicle runs its due course. Irrespective of the issue, chances are that you need a new spark plug. This can extend the life of your engine and your vehicle.

How To “Read” A Spark Plug

NGK-BlogThe performance of the vehicle can be measured by reading the spark plugs as they provide valuable information and have the potential to detect every kind of problem that may surround it.
The reading of a spark plug involves evaluating the present conditions and colour of the tip of the plug. If a light tan colour exists around the tip of the spark plug, it indicates a healthy engine that is performing well. However, if the plug is of any other colour /condition, it indicates an issue cropping up, either with the engine including the fuel system, or maybe the ignition part.

Here’s how you can read a spark plug in a few easy steps:

  1. Removal: Here, referring to the manual provided with the vehicle can prove to be a great help for the exact determination of the plug becomes easy, knowing the number of spark plugs is simplified and then, pulling them out isn’t tough anymore. For easy removal, you may use a ratchet socket drive wrench and an extension bar. Removing the spark plugs is important for deep inspection of the performance of the engine along with the vehicle.
  2. Examine: Thorough examination of soot or carbon on the insulator of the spark plug can act as an indicator. Soot on the insulator or the central electrode signifies smooth running of fuel.
  3. Available Deposits : If there is any kind of ash-like deposit on the spark plug’s insulator or even the central electrode, it indicates that there has been an excess of consumption of oil or other fuel additives. Calling an experienced and qualified mechanic should be held on priority for repairing the leak.
  4. Blisters: A thorough verification of existence of blisters should be done because their existence indicates a vacuum leak or some issues with the fuel, to repair which we need a qualified and professional mechanic.
  5. Black Spots: Black spots on the nose of the spark plug indicate slight detonation. However, with the conditions turning severe, cracks and even chipping in the spark plug’s insulator can be seen. Hence, it should be diligently taken care of.
  6. Regularity: Changing the spark plugs on a regular basis is important, as well as, necessary. However, it can always be recognized if the plug is old or new through the center electrode. With a worn out spark plug, the engine of the vehicle is most likely to not run as efficiently as it would with a replaced and new one.

Reading a spark plug is like reading a book – the more you get involved, the more interesting it gets.