How to Be a Smart Spark Plug User

208515553In order to become a smart spark plug user, you first need to understand what a spark plug does and how it works.

A spark plug is a device for delivering electric current from an ignition system to the combustion chamber of a spark ignition engine. It ignites the compressed air-fuel mixture by an electric spark.

Small but mighty, the spark of electricity emitted by the plug creates the ignition for the combustion needed to start your vehicle. By putting the engine’s pistons in motion, your car can then be powered up, stay powered up, and produce a smooth burn of the compressed air-fuel mixture. Spark plugs can withstand extreme heat and pressure inside the combustion cylinders and are built to burn off deposits from fuel additives or other contaminants.

What does it mean for you?

Well, without a spark plug your car won’t start or go anywhere.

Spark Plug Health

The health of a smart plug is directly linked to an engine’s performance, hence a healthy engine ensures a healthy spark plug.

Weak and bad spark plugs lead to problems, be it issues with cold starting or a misfire during acceleration. Besides without healthy spark plugs your ride cannot sustain maximum power and your vehicle can see a drop in the fuel economy. Nobody wants that.

You should always check and replace your spark plugs after every fixed interval of time or as per owner’s manual recommendation.

What Spark Plugs Should You Install?

You should install from a range of high quality, quick starting spark plugs, so you can get where you need to without a delay.

  • Nickel Spark Plugs
    It is a type of spark plugwho’scentral& ground electrodes are made up of nickel alloy. Nickel spark plugs wear out sooner than the precious metal plugs because the nickel alloy is softer than iridium and platinum.
  • Platinum Spark Plugs
    Made with durable and efficient platinum, these spark plugs maximize the output. The durability and performance of these plugs are better than Nickel type spark plugs.
  • Iridium Spark Plugs
    The iridium spark plugs are the next-generation high performing plugs; apart from durability these spark plugs provide better performance by improving starting, acceleration and idling stability, as well as fuel efficiency.

How Often Should Spark Plugs Be Replaced On Your Vehicle?

Luckily, spark plugs don’t require replacement very often and can go many years and miles before replacement become a must. The longevity of a spark plug depends upon the condition and the type of spark plugs installed. Nickel plugs, for example, have the shortest lifespan while the lifespan of plugs made-up of more durable and advanced materials are multiple times better than nickel type spark plugs.

What Happens To a Spark Plug As It Ages?

By the time spark plugs reach their old age, they’ve spent thousands of miles enduring abuse and withstanding the most extreme temperatures and conditions.

That’s where the importance of spark plug comes into place, the stronger the material, longer the spark plug will last.

But no matter the quality, spark plugs cannot last forever.

  • Spark Plug Deposit Build Up
    When deposits form on spark plugs from interaction with the air-fuel mixture, they can lead to pre-ignition of the fuel. That means a jerky and unreliable supply of energy for your car.
  • Expanding Harder to Jump Gaps
    When a spark plug ignites it has to travel across a gap of space in order to provide the right level of combustion at the right moment. As a spark plug ages, this gap widens due to extreme temperatures and pressure. If the gap is too far apart, the combustion will be erratic.

How to Clean Fouled Spark Plugs

To safely clean a spark plug you should use a nylon brush or chemical spray specifically designed for your vehicle.
You can use Sand blast machine to clean the spark plug, but don’t forget to adjust the gap between the electrodes specified for your vehicle.

How to Choose the Right Spark Plug?

Mechanic-Holding-Old-Broken-Ca-250788346 (1)Every engine needs its own uniquely-designed spark plug and if you are planning to install a new one for your vehicle, be prepared to follow some of the major rules to avoid any possible mistakes.

These days there are lots of choices in spark plugs. You will deal with different plugs which will come with either one or four ground electrodes. But the question is how to choose the best one for your vehicle?

A perfect spark plug depends on the engine modifications you have made. The factors which are included in this are the design of spark plug, the length of spark plugs, their reach, and diameter. Spark plugs are responsible for engine performance which is built on a baseline of design technology.
So here are some important issues to deal with while choosing a best one:
1. Read the Owner’s Manual

The first thing that you should never avoid when choosing the best spark plug is to not ignore the owner’s manual. The owner’s manual will help you figure out the best time to replace the installed spark plug. Get updated about the spark plug service intervals as mentioned in the manual.

If you are unable to figure out the time when you last changed the plug, don’t worry! You still have a choice. You can remove the plug and check for the gap and its current condition.
2. Install the Correct Spark Plugs

You can take benefit from the updates and improvements in spark plug technology. Spark plugs usually come in a variety of designs and materials. Buy the one that will increase the performance of your vehicle. You can modify from a single-electrode platinum plug to the multiple-electrode platinum ones.

Also, you may try a different series of iridium spark plugs. Plugs with advanced designs are enhanced with precious metals. These advanced designed plugs will provide you a more efficient and complete combustion. Since these new designs are enhanced with precious metals, they have a higher efficiency and complete combustion.
3. Check Spark Plug Heat Range

Spark plugs are very sensitive when they connect with heat. To deal with this property, spark plug designers offer the buyer plugs with different heat ranges. In this way, the different ranges of temperature can be handled.
4. Do Not Compromise on the Brand

As the owner of your vehicle, you can do different experiments with brands or heat ranges. The professional advice, however, is to stick with the original brand so that you are saving time and money. Always choose the best quality product for the long run.

How to Know When to Replace an Old Spark Plug?

New-Car-Spark-Plugs--250788481 (1)Spark plugs may look little but are one of the major reasons why a vehicle starts smoothly.

Most people who drive their vehicle and observe any problem in its starting procedures tend to think there may be some glitch in the battery that is causing the problem.

But, this may not be the case always, as the spark plugs of your vehicle do a big job. Taking care of their replacing, cleaning for, maintaining the good health of your vehicle is essential and a good spark plug does just that.
The following warning signals may indicate that your spark plugs need a replacement:

a. Starting Becomesa Troublesome Job

When starting your vehicle becomes difficult, it may be a sign that calls for attention especially changing your spark plugs. Since it is the spark plug that powers the engine of your vehicle, if your car is staying stalled while you are trying to turn it on, a problem might exist with the spark plugs or the spark plug wires may be damaged and require an urgent replacement.

b. The Fuel Consumption Has Gone High

If you have to fuel up your car way more often than the usual cycle of fueling you follow, it may be a sign that your spark plug may have deteriorated. When this happens, it decreases the fuel economy due to incomplete combustion. Hence, in such situations, changing your spark plugs is important.

c. Acceleration Doesn’t Happen

When acceleration doesn’t happen or takes longer than usual, it is a sign that the vehicle is performing poorly. Again, the issue is at the level of the spark plug and it is best to replace it as soon as possible. Some people think that a sluggish vehicle indicates a poor battery or engine. But in most cases, what the vehicle needs is a new spark plug.

d. Noise Alert

If the vehicle engine makes rattling sounds or knocking sounds, it is time to take a look at the spark plugs.
These signs may seem insignificant but are important to be paid heed to before things get too late to recover. But if paid attention to, it can ensure a healthy life for your vehicle.

How spark plug quality affects your vehicle’s performance

NGK IMGAEIt may be startling to know that something as small as a spark plug can change the performance of your vehicle by miles. Spark plugs are the device that ignites and power ups the vehicle by providing necessary sparks to light up the fuel. Faulty or sub-standard sparkplugs can cause starting troubles and in longer run can damage the engine permanently due to misfires and over combustion of fuel. They can also adversely affect the mileage of your vehicle. Let’s learn about this in detail to avoid any mishap:


1. Is your vehicle experiencing uneven acceleration?

As discussed before, spark plugs provide the ignition by providing necessary sparks in the combustion cylinders to power the vehicle. If they don’t produce enough spark to burn a particular amount of fuel, you will start experiencing uneven acceleration, low pickup and drop in power also. Meaning when you will hit the accelerator pedal, the increase in speed won’t be smooth. You might also hear a knock sound due to pressure on the engine. This condition is neither good for the engine nor for certain situations when you need quick pick up or acceleration on freeways etc.

If you are facing such a situation, change your spark plugs immediately.


2. Do you have to visit petrol pump too often?

Spark plugs that do not provide regular and continues sparks may cause a lot of problems for the engine in longer run. First, they will ruin the mileage and efficiency of the vehicle by leaving a lot of unburnt fuel in the engine. You will have tank up several times and this unburnt fuel will be a total waste and come out through exhaust and causes pollution in the environment.


3. Can a bad quality spark plug damage the engine parts (like piston or cylinder liner) or electrical gadgets (like sensors or ECM)?

Yes, a bad quality or cheap spark plug can damage the engine parts or electrical gadgets. Because these plugs are not provided with special technical features like Copper Core, Resistor, etc inside it, which are the basic need of engines.


4. Are you facing difficult start-ups?

If you are facing frequent stalls and difficulty while starting the vehicle like long cranking or misfiring the reason behind it could be a bad quality spark plug that is not efficient for the capacity of your vehicle.

Hence always prefer to use good quality and technical features based spark plug to get smooth& hustle free ride/drive.

So, opt for only quality spark plugs and let your vehicle maintain the good performance you desire.

6 Reasons To Change Your Spark Plugs

NGK IMGAE 1Usually, when a vehicle gets ignition troubles, drivers assume that the problem lies with the battery. It might be the case in several situations but, it is just one of the possibilities. The root cause of the problem may lie with the old and wearied out spark plugs. These small auto parts play a big role when it comes to ignition and a keen eye is required to keep them in good shape. Let’s learn the six signs a vehicle provides when it needs a spark plug change:


  1. A faulty or old spark plug can cause misfire problem and starting trouble in the engine. Hence it should be replaced on time. If not replaced within time, it could cause a major and unwanted catastrophe for the engine. Signs of misfiring by spark plugs also include: rough idling, power fluctuations during acceleration, heavy vibration in engine and increase in emissions from the vehicle. Be alert if any of these signs come up.
  2. The spark plugs are responsible for one of the chief tasks of any vehicle, that is, ignition (powering the engine). If your vehicle is experiencing faulty starts, long cranking or frequent stalls, it is time to check the spark plugs. If the vehicle is not starting at all, then the battery may also be the culprit.
  3. If your vehicle is running on wearied out spark plugs, you will observe a sharp drop in mileage. Because of the misfires and non-effective burning of the fuel, your vehicle will consume more fuel then before.
  4. Modern day vehicles when tuned to perfection, hardly make a noticeable sound. If your vehicle is making considerable noise such as, rattling, pinging or knock like, you must get your spark plugs checked.
  5. Normally, when vehicles don’t accelerate quickly enough or provide low pickup, drivers blame it on the clutch plates. It might be a case of faulty spark plugs too. If the vehicle is not getting the right power due to misfires or low ignition, spark plugs must be changed.
  6. Like any other auto part, spark plugs are also a consumable item. Hence it should be replaced periodically or whenever any above mentioned problem occurs. Always prefer to use good quality and technical features based spark plug to get smooth & hustle-free ride/drive.

If you continue to drive on wearied spark plugs, it can cause engine damage in the longer run which will be much costlier for your vehicle. So, if you notice any of such signs in your vehicle, immediately get your spark plugs checked and enjoy a smooth drive wherever you go.