How to make spark plugs last longer

How to make spark plugs last longer

Just like the entire vehicle on the outside as well as inside need proper maintenance for it to function properly, the detailed equipment that plays a crucial role in the functioning of a vehicle needs proper care too. One of which is the spark plugs that ignite every engine to its best! A spark plug can appear to be a small & detailed part of an operation but performs as a hero in the functioning of an engine. A spark plug maintains a sustainable balance of temperature enduring the life of the engine. It also saves the engine from extreme pressure, chemical attacks, power slowdown, etc. Regardless of its size & design, a spark plug can last for a long time it’s properly is taken care of. So here are a few tips to boost the life expectancy of a spark plug.

  1. Install the right style

Before the installation, you need to make a wise decision while choosing the correct and the perfect spark plug for your engine. For instance, if you’re choosing a cold spark plug for an engine that performs with less intensity, it will disperse the heat quickly enough to cause a delayed spark release. Likewise, hot spark plugs for a high-performing engine might root the tip to meltdown due to excessive heat. Therefore, ensure you choose the right type of spark plug according to your engine’s capacity to withstand the pressure.

  1. Cleaning of the Electrodes

Cautiously extract the spark plug from its place by using a steadfast spark plug socket twist. Then, saturate it in a carburetor cleaner or a thinner liquid that seems like diesel, kerosene, or any other alcohol blend. Gradually remove the coated residue, dust from the electrodes with a nylon brush or you can also use sand blast machine.

  1. Dielectric compound

The secondary wire and the porcelain insulator must be coated with a dielectric layer. The compound decreases the expectancy of erosion in the future and also helps in avoiding the residue from penetrating the insulator which can lead to the breakage of wires. Connect each plug manually and tighten its grip with a proper socket and wrench. The tightness maintains heat transfer and keeps the bore sealed.

  1. Maintain the Spark Gap

It is mandatory to maintain a balanced spark gap between the two electrodes. A short gap can weaken the spark plug and a wider gap might prevent the spark from firing at all or may misfire at high speeds. Before creating a balanced gap between the electrodes, refer to the user’s manual for a balanced figure. You can use a wire-coin to measure the width of the gap and ensure that the modifications are made consequently. Be careful as altering the gap of the lateral electrode is delicate.

  1. Cleaning of the Mounting Area

The area where the spark is mounted must be properly cleaned as well. The accumulation of dust and residue in the cap can cause the spark plug to misalign. Clean off the residue from a thinner or oil before putting the spark plug in its terminal.

 The abovementioned tips if followed, won’t only provide a longer life to the spark plug, but also enhance the power and make your vehicle beat all races.

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