V-Groove Technology

NGK’s patented V-groove spark plugs – The principle is technically simple but very effective. V-groove is situated in the tip of the center electrode. This ensures the spark to occur at the periphery of the electrode where it is easier to ignite the air/fuel mixture because of the formation of the bigger flame core. In addition, the voltage required to produce a spark is reduced. These two features give the benefit of improved ignitability.

NGK V-groove spark plugs offer perfect ignition of the air/fuel mixture especially in modern low emission lean-burn engines, even under extreme operating conditions.

  • It has a 90° V-groove in the tip of the center electrode.
  • The V-groove ensures that the spark is directed to the periphery of the electrodes.
  • The flame core is generated near the perimeter of the electrode and grows.
  • Ignitability is improved because the electrodes are interfering less with the growth of the flame core.