NGK Media Kit

NGK is the world’s largest supplier of spark plugs and lambda sensors. Founded in 1936 after it was split off from NGK Insulators Ltd, the company aims at building deeper mutual trust, offer new values with a focus on the future, and contribute to people around the world.

The company is built on three main pillars, the Automotive Components Group, the Communication Media Components Group and the Technical Ceramics Group.

Since its establishment in 1936 as a manufacturer of Spark Plugs, The journey of the company has been one of the technological innovations. Niterra India PVT. LTD. is the 100% owned subsidiary of NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. Japan. NGK has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant at Bawal, Haryana 2006 to manufacture the high quality spark plugs in India, upon starting its operations in August. The plant started its operations in January, 2008 and developed healthy relations with Distributors, Retailers, Mechanics and happy users in its 6th year of successful operations. Today, NGK Spark Plugs is recognized as the fastest growing Spark Plugs Company in India. The company is presently the third-largest spark plug maker in India, spreading business across OEMs, OE spare parts as well as the aftermarket. Hence, the company is also known as “The Spark Plug Expert”.

Growth: Since its inception the company enjoys a 20-25% growth year on year. The company plans to achieve a three-fold growth in the next decade.

Expansion: The plant in Bawal is spread across an area of 5,520 sq. mtr. and presently produces spark plugs only. The production process at the plant is mainly an assembly operation with an annual capacity of about 18 mm units, its peak hourly production is rated at 4,000 nos. The parts required for the manufacturing such as Insulator and Metal Shells are received from NGK’s operations in Japan and Thailand and assembled into the final product at the plant. Presently, the plant only produces nickel spark plugs, while the iridium and platinum spark plugs are imported from Japan. The company’s product portfolio also comprises of Oxygen Sensors, Knock Sensors, Glow Plugs and Plug Caps which are also imported.

The expandable area is the major factor in the growth of the plant, which is estimated to be 80 % of the total area. The company has planned to add six million to the production capacity in order to establish a new assembly line within the facility in 2014 and 2015.

New Product: NGK has recently launched the high ignitability spark plug which is presently being supplied to Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI). This product has been developed specifically for the markets of India and Indonesia because of their different requirements from the developed markets. The rapid pace in the growth of the Indian two-wheeler market and its potential have been the key factor in the development of such a region-specific product. NGK India is going to start the Oxygen Sensor process at Bawal plant in the year of 2014.

Network: Niterra India PVT. LTD. has 94 distributors all across the country and 2 distributors in Nepal to reach the end customer in the retail market to carry out its market operations (includes 64 distributors in 2W , 28 distributors in 4W , 1 distributors in Marine segment and 1 distributors in Small Engine segment).
The leading automobile manufacturers in India like Maruti Udyog Ltd., Hero Moto Corp., Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd., Honda Siel Cars India Ltd., Honda Siel Power Products Ltd., Suzuki Motorcycles India and Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. have been using NGK Spark Plugs for their OEM consumption. NGK Spark Plugs are one of the Major OE fitted spark plug in the world because of which the company is known as “The World Leader”.

It has introduced a new innovative concept of UMC “Ustaad Mechanic Club” across India, in which we have successfully enrolled 205 Ustaad mechanics.

Quality Management System: In year 2013, NGK India received the ISO/TS 16949 certification (Quality Management System), which is required by the larger OEMs for their suppliers. This certificate reflects the ability of a manufacturer to prevent the generation of defective parts.
There is a strong focus within the company to automate the production process and the new line will be semi-automatic too.

Environment Conservation: On the environmental front, NGK wants tomorrow to be greener than today. To ensure Joy for the next Generation, NGK implements environmental management at its premises. The various efforts put by the company include reducing and reusing waste to achieve zero emissions, resource conservation, improved efficiency and promotion of Green Factory, Green Supplier, Green Dealer initiatives. NGK India is certified with ISO-14001 (Environment Management System) since 2010.
The company sells all of its waste material to authorized vendors, who in turn ensure proper treatment and recycling of the materials.

Safety Promotion: NGK has been regularly conducting safety riding activity and primary training for employees as safety has been a major priority for us as a responsible manufacturer company

Awards: Niterra India PVT. LTD. has been recognized by many prestigious awards for its Products, Quality and Delivery which includes the “Best Performance Award – from HSPP’, ‘Best Manufacturer for Valuable Support & Contribution Award – from HMSI” and “Best Quality & Delivery Targets Award from – HMSI“.

NGK has also participated in many prestigious Events & Association meets across India and received appreciation Awards.