NGK Glow Plugs

Increasing need for environmental protection has led to the call for more stringent emission regulations as well as demand for low emission vehicles around the world. Diesel vehicles are no exceptions in this trend – car makers are focusing on development of new technologies to meet increasingly stringent emission regulations. Glow plugs, traditionally used for supplementing engine-start on diesel engines, are now gaining attention as a key component that contributes to reducing emissions and improving startability. Niterra India PVT. LTD. offers a wide range of high quality glow plugs in aftermarket compatible with new technologies in this trend.

NGK - SRM (Self Regulating Metal) Type

SRM type glow plug is advance than the standard & quick glow (QGS) type of glow plugs. Self-Regulating Metal (SRM) glow plugs contain two coils. The heating coil at the tip of the probe provides the heat source and the second (regulating) coil allows an extremely fast warm up time to temperatures in excess of 900°C. Once this temperature is reached it can autonomously maintain a high final temperature allowing longer post heating times. Presently NGK glow plugs are OEM approved and fitted in “Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.” for their Diesel engines & Ashok Leyland.

NGK Glow Plug Structure

• Double coil technology with good electrical insulation.
• Better Heat up performance (reach to 900°C) in few seconds.
• Heat shock, Mechanical Shock and chemical corrosion resistance.
• Approved/ Recommended by major OEM companies.
• Quick & Reliable cold start – Engine starts even at low temperature.
• Easy Engine Start –up.
• Protect battery from fast drain.
• Helps to reduce harmful gas emissions.
• Long service life.

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