How to know that your Glow Plugs need a replacement.

How to know that your Glow Plugs need a replacement.

Tools and devices gradually do wear out and inevitably need to be replaced with newer ones. Glow Plugs are no exception, and you have to be attentive to when the glow plugs in your engine need replacement as they’re absolutely essential for your engine’s functioning. Here are the signs that could indicate to you that a replace for your glow plugs is required.

  1. The engine warning light.

For anything wrong with your car’s engine, it is the engine light on your dashboard that lets you know almost immediately. Though the signal indicates an anomaly in the engine, you could check for any damages to your glow plug to see if they require any replacement.

  1. The engine not starting.

The primary function of the glow plug is to get the engine to start by aiding it to reach ignition temperatures. In a case where it does not happen, the engine would have troubles starting up. This could be attributed to several errors, but damaged glow plugs could be a primary reason. Glow Plug manufactures in India do take steps to ensure that cases as such do not happen, but the glow plug malfunctioning is up to several extraneous factors as well.

  1. White Smoke.

White smoke being released out of the car tailpipe when the engine is starting up, in cold weather indicates that there isn’t enough heat to burn the fuel. As, glow plugs are primarily used to do exactly that, seeing white smoke come out of your tailpipe could indicate faulty glow plugs that need replacement.

  1. A misfiring engine.

The engine misfiring is dependent on factors that could include either terrible fuel quality or not adequate amounts of heat being generated for fuel to burn. In case the minimum ignition temperature does not occur, a faulty glow plug could be at fault.

  1. Black Smoke.

Noticing black smoke being released from the tailpipe could also indicate a faulty glow plug. The black smoke is a result of imbalance within the engine, where the amount of fuel and oxygen to burn isn’t kept consistent to the optimal functioning scenario. Faulty glow plugs certainly could contribute to this imbalance and cause black smoke to appear from your vehicle’s tailgate.

  1. Acceleration Issues.

When attempting to make your vehicle perform optimally, several issues could arise with a faulty glow plug. Your vehicle may not be able to function as well to the point where the difference is noticeable. This may also be attributed to other issues, but if coupled with issues that do indicate the involvement of a faulty glow plug, it can surely be due to one.

  1. A decreased fuel efficiency.

If you notice your vehicle consuming excess amounts of fuel, more so than before, there could be several issues at play here. One of which may include a glow plug that needs replacing. Glow Plugs also maintain their temperature to ensure optimal functioning of the engine, affecting the amount of fuel being used.

If you notice a few of these or even all of these issues at once, it is a clear indicator that your glow plug needs to be replaced.

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