Crucial parts required for an enhanced glow plug performance.

Crucial parts required for an enhanced glow plug performance.

Glow Plugs are an essential product to have for any diesel vehicle. If there isn’t any sufficient heat available for ignition to occur, the engine would not start at all. Glow Plugs ensure that they provide the engine with the adequate heat required for the engine to start and also function appropriately. Among the varied glow plug manufacturers in India, you must purchase the ones that are durable, efficient and of superior quality. The following list of crucial parts required for optimal glow plugs will help you choose only the best for your vehicle. 

  1. An additional coil to regulate and maintain the temperature

Glow Plugs have been enhanced and improved upon over the years through several innovations. One such include the SRM Glow Plugs. These Glow Plugs consist of two separate metal coils, a heating and a regulating coil. Once, the heating coil is increased to a certain temperature of around 900°C, the regulating coil helps the Glow Plug maintain a high final temperature, allowing for longer post-heating times. The SRM Glow Plugs are certainly an improvement to the regular ones and allow for a more durable experience. The presence of a regulating coil clearly makes your glow plug more durable.

  1. Corrosion Resistant Parts 

As with many products made from metal, Glow Plugs are also susceptible to corrosion in some of its parts. Any good Glow Plug would be specifically designed and made up of corrosion-resistant material to ensure that it does not happen too soon. An internal synthetic rubber sealing within the metal part allows for corrosion to not occur as quickly. Certain shells of glow plugs are designed in specific ways to resist corrosion from any external sources. Glow Plugs that use Stainless Steel for their body last much longer and are also dependable. 

  1. A solid core. 

For glow plugs to heat up efficiently, a strong iron is core is required. A higher-quality iron core would allow for a reliable and quicker cold engine start, due to how efficiently it heats up. Ensuring that the core of your glow plug has excellent heat transferring properties is essential as that allows for ignition to occur much faster. A solid iron core with a higher mechanical strength is also reliable and durable. 

  1. Good Electrical Insulation 

The double coil technology present in SRM Glow Plugs offers excellent electrical insulation. Furthermore, your glow plug could be enhanced even further if it has Magnesium oxide packing powder. The Magnesium Oxide packing powder, protects the coils for wear and tear, increasing your glow plug’s durability. More importantly, the packing powder offers incredible electrical insulation, for a better glow plug performance. 2

  1. Environmentally Efficient

Some of the best Glow Plug manufacturers in India prioritise environmental protection greatly. Some of the best glow plugs out there have been specifically designed and manufactured to reduce the emissions of harmful gasses in the environment. It is crucial to prioritise the same as a buyer and choose products that aid environment protection. 

A great glow plug, besides just having the rudimentary and required constituent parts would also include the previously mentioned ones for optimal and reliable functioning.  

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