Prevent start-up troubles for your diesel engines

Prevent start-up troubles for your diesel engines

Winter is coming? Winter is here! 

And what is it that your vehicle needs the most this winter? Just a way to kick off without any interruptions. 

As the winter season has started giving us the chills, our vehicles will eventually start to feel it too and act accordingly. Everyone is very well aware of the fact that a great amount of difficulty is faced when it comes to kick starting our vehicles during this season. A number of tactics have to be put in action in order to warm up the vehicle before the engine can actually start and we are finally able to begin with our journey. A Glow Plug is what comes in handy during these circumstances.

A Glow plug is similar to a spark plug but the former is especially designed for chilly weather conditions. Glow plugs are only made for vehicles that use diesel fuel. Glow plugs help in heating the air and fuel which ultimately helps the engine’s ignition. Unlike petrol fuel, it is difficult for diesel fuel to produce a combustion that may help the vehicle to follow up with. Diesel fuel needs to be heated enough in order to help the engine catch ignition for it to get started. So, a glow plug acts as a heating device inside the vehicle. 

During the summer season, under hot weather conditions, it is easier for the fuels to heat up without any assistance. But diesel fuel during cold weather conditions, finds it difficult to reach the required temperature for the engine to ignite and start the vehicle. This is where a glow plug becomes effective. An engine needs three things to work the right way: oxygen, fuel and an ignition point. 

Glow plugs have three stages during their process of combustion;

First, they heat up steadily to start the engine. 

Second, the glow plug maintains the temperature that guarantees optimum combustion.

Third, after the engine has kicked off the plug stays heated up for some time to maintain the combustion.

A glow Plug when energised, can reach a temperature of 1,000°C in less than two seconds. Ultimately, the required ignition level is reached and the engine catches up. This process is so smooth and simultaneous that there is nothing to worry about when it comes to engine lags or even engine failure during the winter season. 

To cater to the diverse needs of the consumers and deliver the reliability of Japanese innovations, NGK offers Two types of glow plugs;

Metal Rod Glow Plugs, this uses a specific material called magnesium oxide, an excellent thermal conductor, which protects the heating coil from vibrations and shocks. 

And Ceramic High Temperature Glow plugs aka “NHTC”, “New High Temperature Ceramic”, these have a fully ceramic heating element. 

For the engine to self-ignite, it requires an increased amount of combustion in the combustion chamber. Glow Plugs not only help in extending the life of your vehicles but are also affordable. It is important to purchase best quality glow plugs which are affordable. Glow plugs are a necessity in order to commence the engine with perfection, especially in the cold weather conditions.

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