A comprehensive guide to how a glow plug works

A comprehensive guide to how a glow plug works

The engine of any vehicle requires fuel, oxygen and a sufficient temperature for ignition to start functioning. A Glow Plug aids in providing the temperature required for fuel to burn in oxygen and the engine to start, during winter, when the engine does not start on its own. Knowing how glow plugs work is absolutely important for vehicle owners, so that they can easily isolate the parts that do require maintenance once the glow plugs wear out gradually. Glow Plug manufacturers in India are increasingly providing more sophisticated elements to their products for a much better driving experience for you. Here is a comprehensive guide into the functioning of a glow plug.

  1. Preheating Stage

The preheating stage refers to when the glow plug coil is heated up through electrical resistance. This is where the characteristic glow occurs, due to light being emitted in the visible spectrum. This is where a glow plug indicator light is displayed on the dashboard. You’d have to wait for the light to go away to finally start your engine. There have been significant improvements in the waiting time. Older models took about 20 seconds in the preheating stage, more contemporary ones take only about 6-7 seconds at the maximum. The waiting time is reduced even further if better quality and smartly designed glow plugs are purchased, here the waiting time is almost negligible.

  1. Starting the Engine.

Once the preheating process is finished, the light on your dashboard goes out. This is where you either turn your key or press a button to start your engine. The relay then switches off the glow plugs once the engine starts and you’re ready to go on your way. However, advancements in technology have allowed for an additional coil to be present within the glow plug for the entire process. This additional coil i.e. the regulating coil, helps the heating coil reach the ignition temperature faster and also later maintains enough heat in the engine to keep it running. Glow Plugs of such a kind are known as the Self-Regulating Glow Plugs, some of the best glow plug manufacturers in India apply this technology for more reliable functioning.

  1. Meeting Emission Requirements.

Some of the best glow plugs function by immediately operating after the engine starts rather than before it to comply with the emission requirements. Furthermore, several excellent glow plugs are made up of material that reduces the release of any harmful gasses, prioritising environmental protection. Smarter glow plugs are able to maintain the growing demands of energy emission requirements all the while providing faster ignition times.

  1. Suitability for BS6 fuel

The older generation of cars can certainly opt for BS-6 fuel at gas stations. BS-6 fuel releases less particulate matter. This is a step in the right direction for the environment. Several glow plug manufacturers in India, have update the way their glow plugs function and made it suitable for BS-6 fuel.

Glow Plugs are only getting more sophisticated with time, as there’s more research and development taking place. Hence, knowing at least how a rudimentary glow plug operates, you can certainly help you maintain and identify all kinds of glow plugs, regardless of how many modifications have been made.

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