Why are spark plugs so important to your engine?

Why are spark plugs so important to your engine?

Most people don’t think much about spark plugs before choosing one, yet these small parts play a crucial role in the functioning of a car. In fact, without proper & working spark plugs, it’s likely that your car wouldn’t be able to run at all.

What do best quality spark plugs do?

Your engine is designed to turn an energy source into actual movement. But how does it do this? The answer lies in the principle known as internal combustion. Your engine needs to find a way to release the energy, in order to turn the fuel in your car from a source of potential energy into a source of kinetic energy, and it does so through the combustion process.

And the engine cycle makes this process happen. In your engine cycle, valves fill the cylinder with a mixture of fuel and air, which is a highlyexplosive mixture. As the piston in your engine moves, it compresses this mixture until it’s in asmall space, which creates even more potential energy.When the compression is at its peak, the engine ignites this mixture, which creates an explosion that forces the piston back downward, turning the shaft in your engine and generating the power which makes your car move forward.

Best quality Spark Plugsare the spark which helps in igniting the air/fuel mixture, creating the explosion which makes the engine generate power. These simple and small plugs generate an arc of electricity across two leads which are not touching. Spark plugs, along with the timing and electrical equipment which powers them, make what’s known as ignition system.

Generally, best quality Spark Plugsare made out of extremely durable material, which is capable of resisting millions and millions of explosions before wearing out and needing to be replaced. But it’s true that over time, the corrosion and explosions lead to weaker or smaller sparks, which reduces efficiency in your engine and lead to other issues including failure to fire, or misfiring. 

When do I need to change my spark plugs?

A lot of manufacturers these daysinstall “extended-life” spark plugs butthey’re only marginally more expensive than a standard plug, which sounds good to the consumer. Extended-life spark plugs are generallybest for a lifespan of around 100,000 miles. As these plugs approach the end of their life, the gap between the two widens, which leads to the possibility of misfiringand reduced efficiency. If the spark plug corrodes to the point of breaking, it could do serious damage to the interior of your engine cylinder, which can coast you an extremely expensive repair.

Be sure to checkthe vehicle’s owner’s manual to see the lifespan of the spark plug and never let your spark plugs go past their rated mileage.

When selecting the best quality Spark Plugs, make sure you select ones which suit your vehicle. Most auto parts shops will you choose, and you’ll have a list of spark plug manufacturersto choose from.A general rule of thumb is to select the same brand and model that the vehicle came with.

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