Signs that the best iridium spark plugs need replacement

Signs that the best iridium spark plugs need replacement

If the acceleration of your vehicle has taken a major hit in the recent months, the chances are that the problem lies with your spark plug. Though the modern spark plugs last longer than the ones produced thirty years back, it’s not like the spark plug is going to last forever. You will need to replace it at the right time to ensure the health of your engine and keeping the acceleration top-notch all the time. So, here are a few signs that you should watch out for as indications of spark plug replacement.

The replacement interval is here

If you check the owner’s manual that the manufacturers sent with the vehicle, you will notice that the replacement interval is mentioned there. The replacement interval for spark plugs is calculated in miles covered, and if you have reached that interval, it’s better to get the plugs replaced.

Degradation of fuel economy

Fouled or dirty spark plugs can affect the fuel economy as the plugs do not have the capacity to efficiently burn gasoline in its combustion cycle. In the worst case scenario, fuel economy will go down. Hence visit to your mechanic and replace the spark plugs as per application recommendation.

Taking too long to accelerate

There is less power to move the vehicle when it constantly takes too long to accelerate. The spark plugs might be the issue in this case, and they have to get replaced. However, there might be other issues too in this case, such as dirty fuel injectors, bad fuel filters, or problems with the ignition system.

Rough idling in the engine

When the engine starts making a knock-like, rattling, or pinging noise or causes strong vibrations, the spark plugs or the plug wires are the issues. Replacing the old spark plugs with high performance spark plugs will solve the problem.

Misfiring in the engine

You will have to replace the plugs much more frequently when there is oil on the tip of the plug when it is removed from the engine. The oil can come from worn out valve guides, degraded spark plug O-rings, or a cracked valve cover gasket. Even faulty head gaskets can leave oil on the plug tip. You need to take care of the condition without further delay because this oil can make the engine misfire or create problems in starting.

Difficulty in starting the car

Worn out plugs can also cause difficulties in starting the vehicle. If you are constantly having troubles with starting the engine, hire a mechanic to check if the spark plugs need to be replaced.

The final bit of advice that you need to keep in mind is not to ignore the warning lights of the engine. A flashing warning light is a sign that there is a serious problem with the engine that needs your attention. You should not drive the vehicle under such conditions, and call the mechanic to have a look at the vehicle.

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