How to prevent your spark plugs from seizing?

How to prevent your spark plugs from seizing?

To avoid spark plugs from seizing. It’s important to take all the precaution and utmost care while replacing them. As spark plugs are a vital part of the engine hence, it is best to leave the replacement of the spark plugs to a professional who knows the ins and outs of your vehicle’s engine. Especially as there’s a list of spark plug manufacturers available in the market.

Many spark plugs can be treated with anti-seize lubrication which can reduce the risk of a plug seizing. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule. List of spark plug manufacturers advises strongly not to use anti-seize lubrication. Most of the good spark plugs have been pre-treated already to prevent seizing. A usually accepted rule is to make sure the good spark plugs and threads are dry of any fluids or moisture, like water, before they are used in the engine. It reduces the risk of spark plug seizing.

A lot of spark plugs may also suffer from carbon build-up. While there will always be some amount of carbon as you run the engine but there are ways in which you can minimize carbon building. If you make a lot of stops while driving it is advised to rev the engine a little more than usual to get rid some of the carbon building up in your engine. It also helps to replace oil and filters on a regular basis and to use good quality petrol and oil. If you’re not quite sure about it, make sure to always take help of a mechanic.

What can I do if my spark plug is already seized?
If a spark plug is seized it’s important to be careful while replacing it. Get the help of a mechanic as soon as possible, to get them out to stop further damage. If a spark plug does snap when you try to remove it then it’s likely that pieces will have dropped in the cylinder. It’s important not to start the vehicle until all pieces have been removed and the engine is clean, otherwise it could lead to severe engine damage.

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