Common myths about spark plugs – II

Common myths about spark plugs – II

There are so many misconceptions and myths about the spark plugs, that they cannot be crammed into one. So let us continue debunking a few more myths about the heart of the engine of our vehicles.

Copper spark plugs are better than Iridium and Platinum spark plugs

This myth is based around the fact that Copper is a better conductor of electricity, hence it can provide the electrical spark in a better way. However, this is not particularly useful when it comes to spark plugs. Iridium and Platinum are preferred because of two main reasons. They are good conductors of electricity as well. And the second one being, they have a higher melting point which makes them efficient even while operating at a higher temperature that a spark plug experiences.

Fit it and forget it

The implication of this myth is based around premium spark plugs. According to the myth, all the benefits of a good spark plug like lower emissions, better performance of the vehicle, decreased fuel consumption are permanent. While these are the advantages of a premium spark plugs, but they do not last forever. To get the best of these benefits, you need to replace your premium spark plugs regularly. Even the best of the spark plugs need a change on a regular basis, and not waiting for your current one to fail is a good practice.

Glow plugs are the same as spark plugs and can be interchanged

One of the most baseless myths happens to be quite dangerous a well. Regardless of the similarity in their name, spark plugs and glow plugs are built for a different purpose and have varying functionality. Glow plugs are exclusively made for diesel engines and cannot be used in Spark Ignition engines. Similarly, spark plugs are purpose-built for petrol engines and can not be used in Compression Ignition engines. Interchanging them, will not only prevent the engine from starting but can also damage the plugs and the engine itself. However both can’t be replaced because of their dimensions.

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