Unfolding the Journey of
Growth and Success so far

When NGK Spark Plugs, the world’s No.1 Japanese Spark plug manufacturer entered India in 2006, the spark plugs market was driven by discounted based trading. Very few initiatives were taken to market the product based on technological strength and educate the decision makers i.e. mechanics, on how to select the right spark plug for the right engine.

While NGK Spark Plugs started aftermarket business operations there were ample of entry barrier faced like conservative mindset of channel partners i.e. trading of products based on discounts and schemes, low margin and low awareness of the product and hence distributors not interested in taking a new brand, low involvement of vehicle owners in buying decision & NGK’s image unknown image among Indian consumers.

Since then the management assignment was to overcome the entry barriers & setting up of the NGK-India business right from the scratch and establishing the NGK products and brand in Indian market place.

Under the leadership of Top Japanese & Top Indian management members & strong implementation by team, some important entry decisions were taken like-challenge the traditional mindset of trading spark plugs as a commodity, introduce the products based on intrinsic technological strength, value proposition for the distributors to encourage them in proper distribution of the products rather than just trading, creating a niche market of its own rather following other big players & reaching out to the mechanics by training and educating them about technological importance and high quality benefits of spark plugs in engine.

NGK spark plugs has been positioned as “The Spark Plug Expert” with associating brand elements like Japanese technology, World Leader image, OEM fitment in major car & bike makers , Excellent Functionality – each product has unique quality & benefits of its own. With these brand communication NGK-India does all ATL and BTL marketing activities aggressively to create brand awareness and brand salience in the replacement market.

From a zero base in 2006, till today NGK India has grown up to be a bigger company, having a wide network of distributors and retailers covering all the major markets of India and also supplying to major OEMs in India.

NGK team had a vision to build NGK India as a progressive, new generation company, way different from the existing players, which will give the Indian customers an opportunity to experience the world class, high technology products and create a delightful driving experience. As he says “Better Drive is to Better Life.”