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NGK Plug Caps

NGK Plug Caps

Resistor Plug Caps

In order to suppress noise, the resistor plug caps were introduced. NGK Resistor Plug caps are designed to reduce “Electro Magnetic Interference” and “Radio Frequency Interference” which can interfere with electronic ignition components causing misfires and poor engine performance.

NGK Resistor Caps are manufactured using extremely durable Phenolic Resin and EPDM Rubber. Ceramic resistors are used to ensure optimum performance and reliability. Resistor Caps must withstand extreme heat, vibration, prevent flash over and must be water proof. NGK Spark Plugs superior design ensures optimal service life and performance. Presently NGK Resistor Caps are OEM approved & fitted in India Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd., Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd &Honda Siel Power Products Ltd.

NGK Plug Caps application chart

Maker Plug Caps Application
Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India CBR 150R, CBR250R
India Yamaha Motor India Limited Alpha/Ray
Honda Siel Power Products Ltd. GX-160, GX-200, 1KVA