Niterra India Policies

Human Resource Policy

We acknowledge that employees are the most important management resources. In light of this, we respect the diversity and individuality of our employees and promote the cultivation of physically and mentally healthy human beings, striving to promote the further development of Niterra India as a whole.【Action Guidelines】

  • Respecting the rights of our employees, we eliminate any kind of verbal or physical conduct & decisions that criticize biased behavior toward employees on the basis of race, color, gender, national origin, religion, age, physical or mental disability and sexual orientation in employment and avoid the use of forced labor or child labor.
  • We provide learning opportunities and other programs to support the career development of our employees.
  • We make sure a personnel system, that ensures people with different qualities can fully realize their own capabilities into NGK-India.

Occupational Health & Safety Policy

With high respect to humanity, we act on occupational health and safety as the company’s starting point.
【Action Guidelines】
●To prevent health damage, injuries at work, and illnesses of employees, we will provide healthy and safety working environment and act to improve physical and mental health.
●We will comply with laws and voluntary regulations regarding Occupational Health and Safety.
●We will continuously improve occupational health and safety management system and health and safety performance.
●We will eradicate injury at work by eliminating hazards for occupational health and safety and by reducing risks.
●We will promote ability and awareness at occupational health and safety through education and enlightenment.
●We will inform all employees about this policy and engage in health and safety activities with the participation of all employees.

Social Contribution Policy

As a good corporate citizen, we aim to contribute to society through the effective use of management resources.【Action Guidelines】

  • We focus on the following activities:
  • Activities closely related to our business fields and also to local communities.
  • Activities that respect the cultures of individual countries and local communities, as well as activities that contribute to society such as traffic safety education programs.
  • Activities that contribute to the next generation society, focusing on environmental conservation, science, and education, as well as cultures to be bequeathed to the next generation, etc.
  • We strive to create a corporate culture that encourages executives and employees to participate together in social contribution activities as social citizens. We also respect and support their active involvement in society.

Information Security Policy

We regard all of our own information assets as one of our management resources. Through the proper protection and effective use of our information assets, we pursue healthy maintenance and development of our business.【Action Guidelines】

  • We establish rules that clearly define the system and responsibilities for the protection and management of all the information assets including the information we keep for our customers, the know-how and intellectual properties owned by Niterra India and personal information.
  • We comply with laws, ordinances, and regulations regarding information security.
  • We educate all executives and employees who handle information assets about the importance of information security, and about specific items to be observed.
  • We continuously update the information infrastructure for the maintenance and improvement of the confidentiality and stability of all the information assets.
  • We promote measures to prevent accidents in order to address the risks of information leakage associated with the continuous advancement and sophistication of information technology. Should an accident occur, we will strive to minimize the damage and take preventive measures against recurrence.

Compliance Policy

With recognition that our company is a member of society, we enhance corporate ethics and understand the spirit and meaning of laws, company regulations, international rules and social norms in order to appropriately meet social demand and become a company trusted by the international community.【Action Guidelines】

  • We not only comply with laws and regulations, but also act in good faith with common sense and responsibility as a member of society.
  • We regularly educate and raise the awareness of all our employees to impart a high level of ethics and correct knowledge, with which they can act voluntarily to prevent a violation.
  • If any violation occur, we will promptly investigate the causes and take remedial actions. We will ensure appropriate countermeasures to prevent recurrence and fulfill our accountability.

Information Disclosure Policy

Aiming to become an enterprise capable of receiving great support and popularity from people around the world, we strive to conduct transparent business operations and fair information disclosure.【Action Guidelines】

  • We disclose any corporate information required by the laws and regulations, in an accurate and timely manner.
  • We actively disclose our corporate information to Regional Head Quarter (RHQ) and Global Head Quarter (GHQ).
  • We focus on enhancing communication with our stakeholders to further promote mutual understanding with them.

Quality Policy

We continue to cocreate value with customers and contribute to society in  accordance with basic traits of “Quality Product” & “Involvement by all”.
[Action Guidelines]
●We constantly consider what we should do to please our customers with our products and services, with a view to increasing our organizational capability.
●We are engaged in quality improvement activities across the company and encourage our employees to achieve higher goals by making the best use of their individual abilities and creativity and uniting their wisdom to address problems and challenging issues.

Environmental Policy

As a globally developing core manufacturing corporation, we aim to promote environmental conservation activities linked with corporate management maintaining a good balance with corporate growth, based on the participation of all of our employees, in order to contribute to the construction of a sustainable society.
【Action guidelines】
●Through all of our business activities, we make particular efforts to reduce CO2 emissions toward the realization of a decarbonized society, conserve water resources, manage waste, and develop, offer and expand environmentally friendly products.
●We strive to conserve the ecosystem through the control of chemical substances that place a burden on the environment.
●We strive to raise environmental awareness among our employees to ensure that they all positively participate in activities.
●We observe the laws, ordinances and agreements concerning environmental conservation.
●We aim to substantiate information disclosure to stakeholders and communication activities, and also conduct activities for coexistence with the regional community.
●In order to achieve these targets, we will strive to make ongoing improvements to our environmental management system.