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NGK KR6A-10/LKR6F-10

NGK KR6A-10/LKR6F-10

The new generation special metal spark plug for Maruti Suzuki K-series engines, the K-Plug (KR6A-10) promises excellent functionalities that is longer life and better ignitability. This product claims longer life (40,000 KMs)* in comparison to normal spark plug(20,000 KMs) and is the only plug approved and OE fitted in all Maruti Suzuki K series engines.

Features Benefits
Special metal alloy spark plug. – Double change interval
(40,000 kms plug vs normal plug 20,000 kms)
Anti spark erosion material. – Improves oxidantion resistance and spark  erosion resistance thus having   better performance and longer life than conventional plugs.

As per service manual of “Maruti Suzuki India Limited”

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